Drink Bleach and Die! The Bount Arc Review

Spoiler Alert!

It sucks

Don’t watch it … Do yourself a favor and just skip it. So, what if Hulu has it? What if you are doing other stuff while it plays?

It is just awful, I should have paid attention to other people but I didn’t . . . I made tons of excuses and now I want to commit senppuku.

I put Bleach on a hold for years . . . YEARS . . . I stopped watching once it hit the Bount Arc, for a reason . . . I can’t believe I am dumber that before. All I wanted was to watch the Hueco Mundo Arc and thus I decided to torture myself by watching this 30 something arc to catch up to Hueco Mundo. It would have been easier for me to die, become food for a Hollow and reach Hueco Mundo . . . I hate myself a lot.

Let’s talk about why this is awful: The dialogue is dog crap . . . Someone picked up dog crap and thought “Ohhh let’s explain why this dog crap is what it is . . . in detail”

  1. Every battle . . . every single battle . . . they explain how their soul pressure does this and that and to be honest. I DON’T CARE!! You are just cheap and don’t want to invest into action sequences . . . I get it . . . PERO WHY???? WHY??? *cries in Spanish*
  2. “I could tell you about my evil plan but you will soon be dead” . . . All battles began with this phrase except for one, the one in which Bount Lamo Excuse of Villain says before trying to finish Ichigo for the 10th time. Paraphrasing he says “I’m going to tell you my evil plan because you are going to die anyway” Just finish Ichigo already!!! He is about to die for the 11th time.

    SUUURE he will die soon . . .


  1. Evil characters are lame . . . too lame to even remember why they are evil . . . not because I have awful memory but because I rather not invest in them.

    This is Ichigo, I know . . . you can clearly see it is him . . . I’m very good at drawing, so good you might confused it with an actual screenplay . . . But, I can assure you it’s a drawing


  2. Nothing new, same characters are still who they are and no development. The group is still the same, Orihime is useless except for two big reasons . . . Chad is still quiet but now has a friend that is as stoic as he is . . . Uryu . . . still lame even though I thought this was going to be his time to shine and Ichigo is still Ichigo. I like Ryuka’s dress so kudos for that.

The good thing about this arc is . . . The opening, that is it.

Sleepy Panda’s rating: Hollow’s puke

Author’s Note: The screenplay was taken from Episode 90, from VIZ’ s website: VIZ Bleach ep 90. All rights reserved to VIZ and proper owners of Bleach. Please don’t sue me.

P.S. Takano san, I haven’t written anything to you in a long time. I miss you . . . when is ‘Sekaiichi Hatsukoi’ going to air again?
(I always end up my reviews by talking to my anime husbando, Takano Masamune . . . . Don’t judge)

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