A Way Out From A Certain Point Of View: A Rebuttal

WARNING: Effectively the entirety of the following contains spoilers for A Way Out by Hazelight Studios

Please be distracted by this photo of a fair use puppy to keep you away from dem sweet spoilahs.


Vincent is the superior character choice

Ok, you’ve seen the puppy, best to leave now


Vincent is an asshole. 

He takes your fragile heart and breaks it into a thousand pieces because he is an asshole. A backstabbing pig who would do it again just because he can.

He tricks you from the beginning into thinking you have a friend and from there your relationship is built on a lie.

You tell him intimate moments of your life, you let him into your personal life and meet your wife and son and it’s all just a facade. WE EVEN PLAYED BASKETBALL TOGETHER!

On the Left: A Real Good Guy. On The Right: A Real Asshole.

He never wanted to be your friend, he just wanted the info to take down Harvey and take back the jewel and this is even after you give him marital advice which he desperately needs.

He’s an asshole. He’s a pig. He’s a backstabbing cop. And he wants you back in jail. Lessen my sentence? Yeah, right. You put me into positions where I murder a ton of police officers as we escape and you think my sentence will get lowered?

I cooked a fish dinner for you, and this is what you do to me? Why? I didn’t kill your brother! I was against it! You should be dead and buried next to him since you loved him so much. 

I only let you win Connect Four because I could see your pain, but even that was a lie. Just like your facial hair. I’m glad I’m dead so I’ll never see your ugly mustache, but you stay away from my wife. I know you want her since you can’t fix your own marriage, and she will go to her grave for me. 

I hate you, Vincent, you asshole.   


Asshole – A backstabbing pig 

Leo – A family man whose life is taken away by a pig. 

Officer fatalities -a ton forced onto Leo as Asshole always jumped into the driver’s seat and tells Leo to shoot cops that are friends. 

Sound – 7/10


You can see the original point of view here.

I'm not here to be your puppet.

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