Point/Counterpoint: Games as Art, Games as Murder

Point: Video Games Are Glorious Displays of Art

Video games, each and every one, was created in the heart of some beautiful man or woman to bring forth something in their player. Whether it is a sense of drama from a tense moment in the game or tears that will never end from the beauty that is two men escaping from prison together only to realize that they weren’t really lying to each other – really, they were lying to themselves.

I can never take it upon myself to tell you how to enjoy your art other than it’s part of what brings us together as a people. Some would say that even a properly administered teabag on the chin of a skillfully defeated foe is nothing but the kind of performance street art that we all enjoy as we walk through the city in the summer. Enjoy new friend as that art caresses your cheeks over and over until respawn.

Counterpoint: Video Games Are Intrinsically Violence Inducing Murder Simulators

Video games kill a pile of humans directly every year and it’s madness. Here, I’ve made a chart to help you monsters understand.

That's a lot of suffering

An insightful graph showing facts without citation because the facts are SO OBVIOUS

I hate all of you criminals and your genocide constructs.


There’s really no room for a middle ground here. Games are performance art in murder training.

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