Editorial: Your Mother Should Take Away Your Video Games

You know who you are and you’re mean. 

Mean to everyone. We are trying our best and you just say hurtful things online and it’s really bad. 

You say racist and bigoted things to m-…people. You don’t even know them and they are kind and sweet and already have low self esteem. Why do this? 

I know you’re just 16 but you should have better manners, especially to you sensitive elders. Some that cry at night because of your mean words. I- they just want friends, and you are making it harder and harder to be that friend.

The relationship is abusive and it can’t last. It was built on a bad foundation and it’s eroding. You need to look in the mirror or someone will have to get in contact with your parents and tell on you. 

Don’t think just because I- they are in their 30s that it will stop them from tattling. You deserve what happens and I hope they take away your phone, Fortnites, and dinner. I hope they make you go to sleep early and you get in school suspension.

You’re a bad person and hurt me very much with your words.

I'm not here to be your puppet.

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