Game Pitch: A New Kind of Pac-Man

Thanks for your time today the surprisingly easy to reach Namco product and development team. I’m sure you’ve received a pitch or two for your most well-known and longest running game franchise, Pac-Man, but I believe that what I’m about to present on behalf of WorkRevolt game website for human is truly special.

In Pac-Man’s long and illustrious career he has battled everything from ghosts to different colored ghosts. Truly, a rogues gallery for the ages. His ability to corner his foes, eat a magic bean, and then devour them whole in a single bite is a magical as it is truly horrifying. The fact that he married a female Pac-Man with a similar hunger and produced an insatiable offspring leads only to one conclusion.

Pac-Man needs to die.

Now, I can tell that might come as a surprise to the folks in this room who have spent their career fostering Pac-Man’s development. But, narratively speaking, it’s the best way to motivate the true hero of Pac-Man’s next game cycle.

Pac-Man Jr., whose hunger is so deep, so terrifying, so…deliberate, has been hidden by his father in Pac-Village. Nightly he would feed ghost after ghost to his son, and each night Pac-Man Jr ravenously ate.

And this went on, for years, as Pac-Man would put on a smile each morning to go to the ghost mines for an honest nine to five. Each night, come home to provide for Pac-Man Jr living in a terrible silence broken only by the crunching coming from a basement. Slow, meticulous, unending was his hunger – there could never be enough.

Until the day when there was a horrible accident at the ghost mines and Pac-Man and 30 other Pac-Souls were buried alive. That was the day it all changed as Pac-Man Jr, pushed over the edge from a lack of food, was unleashed into Pac-Village.

And, that, ladies and gentlemen, is where our game begins. The player plays as Pac-Man Jr, a character driven by only one goal. Eat the world. It doesn’t matter what or WHO it is, he’s going to eat them. His hunger, as you can understand, is unrelenting and knows no bounds. No. Bounds.

As you progress through the game, his hunger will eat at him. If you left him get too hungry, it’s game over as the hunger itself consumes him. Each level is complete when he has consumed a minimum number of the local flora, fauna and Pac-Population.

Replayability comes from the fact that, while there is a minimum required required amount of friends and family that need to be consumed there is no hard maximum. Pac-Man Jr, due to years of time spent in solitude in a lightless cell, fears the sun and will go into hiding when the dawn breaks, providing only a limited time to make your highest score.

Again, thanks for your time this afternoon, this has been WorkRevolt and our pitch for the most logical way to mix Pac-Man and Katamari Damacy.

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