Black Review

BLACK, one of the best first shooter games back on the original Xbox, follows a terrorist mind of a special operation soldier, but this game also tells a story. BLACK is about shooting people and blowing things up. Players go through a series of missions, holding a series of guns in the familiar first person shooter style. The goal of each mission is to essentially move from point A to point B in the level. The are some secondary objectives, like collecting notebooks and destroying safes hidden throughout the missions, but not required to complete the missions.

The game was graphically good in its day (Original Xbox), but now shows it’s age on the backwards compatible Xbox One. Action takes place in a range of environments, including a forest at night, old military bunkers, and a creepy insane asylum. The firefights were and still are exciting to me to this day, with shrapnel and bullet shells flying through the smoke, rocket-propelled grenades exploding all around. If you choose to you can play it silently, as the game gives options throughout to put on silencers on your guns. If you choose to go guns blazing through the game, it’s relatively short at 7 to 8 missions. I think the pro of the game is the foundation created for this first person shooter. I think more games today should use this base and use current technology to enhance it, or maybe some do already. The cons are the lack of graphics, side missions, and length of play compared to today’s games. Still, I think the game is great fun to go back and play if you like first person shooters.

Rated: High

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