Animal Crossing Campsite is Life!- Game Review

Hello lovelies~

Here I am with another review! This time is one of my favorite mobile games Animal Crossing Campsite.

What’s the objective of the game?

Well, there are tons of little animals and you have to give them stuff so that they’ll love you, then you craft furniture for your campsite so that the animals come hang out and love you, basically the more you interact with them the more your friendship/love meter goes up and if you get to level 20 with a single animal . . . they will give you a picture . . . which signifies love?

In summary, the point is that you can invite all the animals, get furniture, pictures and just have a good time with the fluffs.

Let’s go to the PROS:

  1. The animals are adorbs, some of them are super fugly. . . .
    • Specially the cute kind, but God didn’t make all his creatures beautiful, so why should we? In other words, Animal Crossing teaches you how to be tolerant and kind to your fellow ugly animals. They are at least funny . . . unlike people, am I right?

      Gothic Lolita Event Completed

      Poor Lottie, she is cute in her own unique way . . . She is the one in the middle.

  2. Your animal crossing pals are always counting on you, cheering you up to keep you doing their bidding BUT are always kind by telling you how awesome you are . . . unlike people, who just take advantage of you and spit at your face.
  3. The animals give you money and other tokens of love, they reciprocate your feelings and always welcome you with their open fluffy imaginary arms . . . once again, better than humans could ever do.
  4. Also, these cute babies will wear the clothes you chose for them and never complain. Do they ever complain? They are grateful for your existence!!! Does any other game, besides dating games, give you this fuzzy little feeling that you are special? I mean, people don’t so less likely another game.

    Charlise and Roscoe

    Look at their clothes! Tell me this ain’t kawaii AF

  5. Does it make you a furry? Not really, these cutesies are nothing like humans in any aspect or way . . . unless you are messed up and do love that sort of thing and your imagination is wild . . . if you do, it’s okay . . . I bet you won’t reproduce at this rate.
  6. Setting aside the cute characters, the game itself is portable and you won’t be conspicuous about it. You can play it at home, work, or when people are talking to you about dumb shit that doesn’t matter to you or the entire human race.
  7. You don’t have to spend real life money to make your lovely tenants love you. The game makes it pretty simple for the average player to get all furniture or special items that are features on the many events. Unless you are rich, have no time, or are an overachiever, you can collect all special items from farm pocket tickets, so, yay!!! More money to your real life significant other . . . meaning yourself, because real life people don’t deserve monetary gifts since they are not worth the effort you might put.
  8. If you like animal crossing, you will definitely love campsite since the same dynamics are being transferred. Same animals, same events, same clothes, same furniture . . . even the loans. I hate loans, but animal crossing has to keep it real somehow. It can’t be paradise 24/7.
  9.  In addition, the gameplay is easy, catching bugs, humping trees, and fishing are just a tap away! While it is a little bit more challenging in the actual 3DS counterpart. Anyway, it is easier than a real life job!

    Gulliver doesn't fall asleep on the shore on this one.

    Even Gulliver is here!

Now, let’s look at the few CONS:

  1. First of all and most importantly: it will consume your time, life and focus span . . . not that I have an alarm or anything to keep watering and picking up my flowers for the events . . . but it almost gets to that point. It is too damn convenient that it is in your phone and you don’t have to move. I mean, unless it’s to charge the battery, get food and clean after yourself . . .
  2. Takes too much space on your phone, not just the APP but your memory, I mean . . . those photos, phew . . . are now safe in my laptop since I transferred them but otherwise we will have a problem.

    DKCesia Instagram is full of my obsession

    They also take space on my Instagram

  3. As much as I love my animals, they are still using me to feed them, entertain them, and giving them my time . . . is it really worth it? I can only imagine them being like my friends and that comforts me . . . one of them looks like my sister and the other one like her girlfriend . . . I just wish they could bring Chow already, since I am the human incarnation of this fatty grumpy panda.

    My sister is Butch, the singer one and her GF is Goldie . . . sipping on that coffee. Even they admit how similar they are to them.

  4. Why can’t they be real?!!! D’x
  5. Isabelle one day is going to give up and murder every single villager . . . she is even in charge of the Animal crossing Twitter account: Isabelle @AnimalCrossing. Also, My sister thinks she is Zipper, aaaaaand if she really is . . . I do feel closer to the end.

    Workaholic Isabelle= Psycho bunny…Mark my words

  6. My friends don’t play it and I’m stuck playing with Asian players that I have no idea who they are, I just hope they are not furries . . . or so help me baby Jesus.

In conclusion, I really enjoy Animal Crossing Campsite. My favorite animals are Cherry and Kyle. Please add me and let’s be friends.

The best animal crossing characters

Kyle and Cherry are the best

Sleepy Panda Rating: Me as Chow humping trees . . . I mean, shaking trees:

Takano san, please don’t think I am a furry, that would break my kokoro.

I'm a lazy panda that wears glasses.

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