Top 10 Rarest Cars in Grand Theft Auto V

10) Batmobile

This is a pretty rare car only because of its price, but it does not provide anything else other than its sleek black design.


9) Armored Duke

This car is truly amazing, because of the roll bar this armored unit can spin sideways and roll uncontrollably crushing its enemies.


8) Monster Truck

This massive truck is always a good thing to have, not only can you see everything around you because of how high you sit off the ground but it’s also a multi-surface vehicle. With a special tire design, inflating will help you fly the skies, and deflating will allow you to take it to the waters of your choice.


7) Bicycle

To be able to obtain one of these awesome non-motorized vehicles you’ll have to know how to use both your hands and feet to power it. To do so you’ll need your ___ up to ninja level.


6) Nascar

This weird looking car has a unique paint job allowing it to camouflage throughout the city slipping by unknown players. This truly one of the most stealthiest vehicles in GTA5.


5) Lotus

Tired of noisy motors, loud grinding engines? Then this is the car for you, due to a new scientific paper windmill motor you can now drive in silence.


4) Garbage Truck

This may look like an ordinary garbage truck . . . because it is a ordinary garbage truck. What a bute!


3) Tractor

This could very well be one of the most debatable vehicles for being the fastest in the game. They are usually found deep within Mount Chillad’s caverns.


2) Poison Bus

This hefty mini RV is one of the Poison relief evacuation mobile two row bus. Or P.R.E.M.T.R.B. as one of the world’s first diversity evacuation buses.


1) Parachute

Now this particular vehicle is one of the first to begin the automotive industry. Simple and dependable. Always a good way for a quick exit, making this one the number one rarest cars in GTAV.




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