American Vandal “Review”

Netflix! You’ve done it again, with a binge worthy comedy-drama mockumentary that hijacked my afternoon, American Vandal.  Dylan Maxwell, “the artist”/OG prankster, is in his senior year at Hanover High and looks forward to graduating, but only a few things stand in his way; 27 dicks! Yea I know that would be overwhelming to anyone regardless of sex drive and/or experience.

It’s even hard for Kim K. to swallow…

Maxwell is known for the stroke of his sharpie displaying shafts, sacs, and shroom tops on dry erase boards throughout the campus. He is accused of spray painting 27 members on teacher’s cars in less than 8 minutes and deleting the camera footage, which results in expulsion. Dylan denies these claims, he admits that the prank is funny, but he cannot take credit for work that is not his as the penises were missing his signature touches (pubic hairs & the proper muffin caps).

Luckily for Maxwell, Paul and Sam, are there to dive balls deep into this mystery to find the truth. Paul and Sam work on the Hanover High radio show with Dylan and they don’t buy-in that this was Dylan’s handiwork, but not because he is a standup guy but because they believe he doesn’t have the intellect to rub this one out.

Another Day, Another Dick. -Dylan Maxwell


Maxwell has a sneaking suspicion that this is a conspiracy, which stems from Mrs. Shapiro, a Spanish teacher that likes to bust his balls and sees this as the perfect opportunity to frame him.

So he’ll never be bilingual, but he deserves a rock hard “C” at minimum!

The majority of students and faculty at Hanover High believe that Dylan drew these pork swords, but there is a lot of conflicting evidence. No homo, but I’m interested in #Whodrewthedick and can’t wait to see how this mystery unfolds. Paul & Sam, keep you engaged as they walk-through various scenarios on their cockboard sketches in their quest for truth. In the midst of all the madness, you get a sense of who Dylan Maxwell is, we see a side of him that is deeper than pair of penis boobies. Dylan is all about having fun pranking with his crew (Wayback boys) and having a healthy relationship with Mackenzie, would he really give all this up for the ultimate beaver basher prank?!

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