Destiny 2 September Update Screenshots Revealed

Earlier this week, Corey talked about the questions that he brought to the Destiny Community Summit. While he went into some depth about the questions that he asked and the answers that he received, he didn’t remember to include a number of screenshots from the test build that was available to members of the summit. Below are some screenshots and some analysis of what we will be getting this September in Destiny 2.


Currently, ships and sparrows (even ghost shells) take up a lot of inventory space – both on your character and in your vault. Ships are vanity items at best and any sparrow without reduced time to summon is a small amount of silver dust. If you DO want to keep and collect those in-game items, primarily products from the micro-transaction service Eververse, it is currently an unwieldy mess.

Enter kiosks, a location that tracks the items that you have acquired and those that you have not, providing both a convenient location to see what you might still be missing and to retrieve items that you have acquired in the past. No need to keep those things laying around taking up precious inventory space!


Speaking of a complete inventory mess, Destiny 2 introduced the idea of consumable shaders. These items would take up an inventory spot for each one, with each new season or event adding more to gain. It didn’t take long for the amount of shaders available to surpass the amount of space on your character, turning your postmaster into a treasure trove of shaders you can’t possible find room for!

The September update solves all of that by both taking advantage of the new kiosk system as well as converting the shaders into unlimited use items that can be applied to your various gear items. During the review at Bungie, this was indeed a welcome change!

Faction Updates

Faction Rallies in Destiny 2 are a macro-game for the Reddit community. How fast CAN you discover a way to 600 tokens per hour? Did you find it or did you just find the YouTube video? Can you get over 3,000 karma from a single post about running in and out of a room?

Outside of that exciting game, factions really didn’t provide much other content to the system. They would offer a weapon for sale if they “won” the rally but during the rest of the time they were another slot machine for tokens.

Enter the September Update where factions are always present, offering up a selection of new weapons with new rolls each week. They aren’t always the best, but when you get a good one people will come flocking in to see what they have! It’s another welcome addition to Destiny 2 this fall.

Return of Eris Morn

Featured in strikes like Savathun’s Song, are subtle hints to Oryx’s sister Savathun. Bungie didn’t think we would figure this out but the lore nerds at WorkRevolt were all over that nonsense! If we are going to be talking about the Hive and the Taken then you better believe that we are going to see the return of Eris Morn.

If you are as good as detectives as we are, you may just notice another new feature being added to Destiny 2 in the September update…

Direct Buy Eververse

Eververse, that isn’t going away ever. We asked, everyone asked. We said “I would like this really cool looking Vex armor, maybe I could get it from killing Vex?” No, you can’t unless “The Vex” is what you call your wallet when you’re getting extra friendly.

So, the best we can get is what we are getting as part of the September update, a version of the Eververse Silver Dust store that puts up all of the available items for purchase at once, instead of a sampling every week. It’s a small quality of life change but if you have managed to scrape together a bunch of dust you can get the vanity item that you want when you want it.

Vault Space

Destiny 2‘s approach to the vault was to provide you with an unorganized pile. It’s sorting options are basic and with armor, weapons and general items like mods and shaders shoved into the same box it is difficult to quickly navigate to what you are looking for in your vault. As part of the fall update, the vault is split by default into three key areas: Weapons, Armor and general. It may seem like a simple change but its impactful in allowing the player to more quickly jump in and find the gear that they want and get back into the fight.


Currently the Destiny 2 gunsmith is a slot machine for handing out the same purple gun you’re holding, a couple of blue mods and polishing the same Suros gun for months on end. As part of the update, the Gunsmith offers up a series of test weapons ever week allowing you gain reputation with him, leading to quests for specific legendary and exotic guns as well as access to weekly gun packages that provide a reason each week to stop in and browse his wares.


Bungie has always marketed Destiny as a social game experience and, let me just say, the fall update is really going to deliver. As you can see from this screenshot, there’s 7 people playing Destiny 2 at the same time – a number the game hasn’t seen in weeks.

Additionally, the new roster screen combines all social aspects allowing you to quickly see the people in your game, your friends list as well as members of your clan. I wish I had friends who were a clan. 🙁

Record Books

As your guardian goes on various adventures, killing robots, aliens, slightly different aliens and their independent voice you’re bound to wonder “just how many things DID I murder?”

With new record books, you’re able to track your relentless kill numbers, compare them with your friends, and – if you’re murder-y enough – get cosmetic rewards to show off your achievements while looking to kill again in the Crucible or while AFK in a strike.

Subclass Tree

As part of the launch of Destiny 2 the game streamlined things like player choice and character customization down to two options. People have clamored for some way to more uniquely tailor their guardian to their OWN play style.

And Bungie delivers with a customizable subclass tree allowing you more options to take your character and power them in the way that makes the most sense for how you play the game.

Gameplay Enhancement

Building off of the customization of the subclass tree, Bungie has added an additional slot with a set of items that you can earn through deterministic quests that change the way your character plays. Prefer to have radar up with your primary? Here you go. But then you have to pass up on using one that improves sprinting ability. Each of the items offers up a unique choice and another later of customization for the user.

More Impactful Armor Perks

Currently, armor perks in Destiny 2 are limited to increasing the three main stats but not much else. You can apply mods which provide some small impact but can be otherwise forgettable in day to day play.

Enter perks that allow for significant increases in reserve ammo, reload speeds, health regeneration, etc. Again, Bungie is looking to the player to really customize their experience to best fit how they would like to enjoy their gaming experience.

Nightfall Modifiers

Returning to the Destiny heyday of a couple of months ago, Bungie brings back unique weekly nightfall experiences with a set of modifiers to change the way that you approach the nightfall experience.

Gameplay Choices

Starting with the fall update, there will be a greater ability for the player to choose their experience. Would you like to play a specific strike, story mission or crucible game type? Destiny 2 has got you covered this September with more choices in every regard.

Loot Updates

Back before Destiny 2 launched, Luke Smith famously said “How can my second, third, and tenth Better Devils hand cannon be interesting? That’s a question we should be asking and answering as quickly as we can.” To think, that quote is only 9 or 10 months old and by the time it’s 15 months old we’ll have our solution!

Bungie game designers went back to the drawing board and said “what is going to make my second version of anything interesting?” It turns out, you do that by not making every single gun exactly the same. You let you loot BE interesting instead of balanced three ways from Sunday. You let happy accidents and weird combinations happen. You then watch as people are excited to see a purple drop in the game again. Because THIS time, just maybe, its going to be a set of perks that play together and make the gun something more than just a single perk and whether that perk says “Explosive Payload.”

Now that’s an exciting set of updates coming to the guardians patient enough to wait until a year after the launch of Destiny 2 to have access to all of these features that totally couldn’t have been predicted in advance.


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