Best Tom Clancy’s The Division Build To Maximize Your “Clancitude”

In Tom Clancy’s The Division you can collect guns and armor and more guns. Like, a lot of guns. Then, you look at your armor and you ask yourself an important question:

“Does this help me with gun?”

You might be juggling between whether to spec into assault rifle damage or SMG damage or…well, just those two really. Pick one of those and you’re good. Maybe choose to mod up with firearms, preferably something like a million firearms. If you have stats in stamina or electronics, like, GG I guess you live the support life and that’s fine. It’s not really fine but I don’t want to bring you down.

Ok, you have a lot of guns, you have armor that does more assault rifle or SMG damage, you have one million or more firearms stat. You’ve basically won Tom Clancy’s The Division right?


None of that matters, here is what matters:

Less than a million firearms? Stats in BOTH stamina and electronics. Total noob build…or is it?

That’s right, double night vision goggles. You got your head night vision, you got your face night vision, you got it ALL. Think back to every Tom Clancy thing you can imagine. What does it all have? NIGHT VISION GOGGLES.

All of them. Without fail.

That outfit might not look great. It’s pink coat on orange pants on pink shotgun. Guess what? ALL of that looks the same in the great equalizer, absolute darkness. You live in darkness, you were BORN there. Other people might have TWO million firearms but, guess what, unless they have double night vision they aren’t hitting you. You tickle them to death with your tiny amount of firearms and there is nothing they can do about it.

I haven’t seen this in any of the YouTube build videos. I’m sure this is a hidden secret that Massive doesn’t want you to know.

But now you do, and there’s nothing Massive can do about it.

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