5 Things To Know Before Destiny 2‘s Warmind Expansion Launches

Launch Date/Time

Destiny 2 Expansion 2 Warmind goes live Tuesday, May 8th after the weekly reset. Destiny 2 servers will be offline starting at 6am PDT and expected to return to service around 11am PDT with the expansion available as the servers go live.

Core Game Updates

A higher power cap (380), 100 more slots in the vault, masterwork exotics, rankings added to PvP, modifiers added to heroic strikes, and a pile of balance updates to make exotics generally more powerful. This feels like the bridge to the September update, the first realistic time that core game would be addressed following the poor reception of Destiny 2‘s endgame grind and player power fantasy. It’s a set of updates that will boost the game but not solve the biggest core issues.

What Do You Need To Get Started

Warmind is a stand alone expansion, requiring the base Destiny 2 game and purchase of the $20 expansion. Nice to have but not required are preparation for the amount of anger you’ll feel toward your teammates in ranked PvP for how bad they are at shooting guns, a readied suspension of disbelief around the story beats for the core campaign, and a cold realization that Bungie just renamed Chaff to Blackout AND added in Lightswitch but at 20 times damage.

Oh, Ironclad is now called just Iron and grants 50% more life ending all doubt that I’ll finish a heroic strike without intentionally jumping off a map to revive with ammo.

Gimme yer gun

New Guns

There’s going to be around 7 new guns to pad out that new vault space that you got! Escalation Protocol adds in a shotgun, sniper and SMG, the raid lair will likely add the 2 missing guns from the database, a new exotic scout rifle using the model from Ana Bray’s appearances in the game as well as the likely return of Sleeper Simulant.

There’s a chance that we haven’t seen other guns on offer from the world vendor but that seems less likely. The Curse of Osiris vendor offered up new armor but didn’t directly offer up the new guns, instead using the grind quest forge mechanic. The Escalation Protocol guns may be the stand in for that mechanic this go around. There are also two new nightfall eligible strikes so a chance for up to 2 more guns…or sparrows. It’s probably sparrows.

It’s blue now!

“New” Guns and Armor

Having exhausted all of the gun ideas available, you will see the return of Suros Regime and likely other returning exotic guns from Destiny. This is in addition to a fair number of returning exotic armor pieces. There are a set of hive themed exotic armors (one for each class) being added, with my guess being that they will be the end of campaign reward similar to the Curse of Osiris adding in the Aeon set of exotic hand gloves.You may remember those gloves from literally every milestone that you turned in after Curse of Osiris.

God, one of the new guns is probably No Land Beyond and that’s all I’ll get from the game.

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