Kevin Hart: What the Fit

Initially, I was skeptical, but to be honest it was a lazy, rainy, Friday night and perusing YouTube was the next best thing to me working out.  Honestly, if you can’t stomach a workout sesh on Friday night, it’s best to go all in and eat an entire Sicilian California Pizza Kitchen pizza, sip Glenlivet 15 yr., and let someone else do the heavy lifting.

Hart pushes his limits in a variety of physically demanding workout sessions with his friends. The workouts vary from yoga with goats (L.A. = weird AF), sumo wrestling, and Cowboy Basics 101.  He is pint-sized, but he has a gigantic vision for what he can do with comedy and this is proof.

In life, everything is serious and for each decision that you make it will make a profound impact.  Hart combines fitness with comedy to remind you of the reason to be fit: joyous longevity. If you stay healthy you increase your chances to live longer so that you can enjoy a life filled with love and laugher. I recommend this series to remind everyone to be your best version and have fun while you’re doing it; fitness is only as serious as you make it.

Fun Fact: I’m on the verge of being faded and feel bloated from all of this pizza, but I suddenly have the urge to eat Oreos (Does Uber deliver the Double Stuff?)

Health Fact: Laughter burns 40 calories assuming that you laugh 10-15 minutes per day Go Laugh, a lot!

Smiling is foreplay to laughter. –Anonymous


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