Deadpool 2 Review- SPOILERS AHEAD

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It has been a long time, I know. . . BUT, I am back for another beautiful review. This time, I shall review the best movie of the year, Deadpool 2.

                                                                                    SMEXY TACO 

Yes! I am super bias because it is Deadpool, my favorite comic hero. . . I mean, anti hero? Whatever, you get it. However, not everything is gold and I shall discuss the Chimichanga goodies and the glitter covered poop.

Let’s start with THE BAD

  1. Colossus, he is totes ugly on the first half of the movie. I have nothing against him, since he is a puppy silvered Russian kawaii super love labu~ guy. . . Too many adjectives? Shoot me, I know no English señor. Back to the point, he is not done well, the CGI is basically shit.
    1. The thing that really bothered me is the attempt to cover it up, they keep transitioning to Deadpool when both of them are talking. This happened constantly when they are at the X-Men academy. They didn’t even bother to completely animate Colossus’ lips to match the audio. No bueno, specially when they elaborated on him so much on the first movie. Sad panda.
  2. AUDIO, the dub is pretty bad on some scenes, the audience. . . and by audience, I mean myself, can notice the bad dubbed job they do on some scenes. I think the director didn’t give much crap about the first half of the movie. Maybe they didn’t have sound effects? No music? but the voice is louder in some scenes than in others and it doesn’t quite match with the angles.
    1. Example: Wade in prison when Cable comes to kill little Apocalypse. He passes one cell after the other and he talks but the angle seems very off, like they filmed it and they just walked, omitting any voice and then on post, someone decided that Wade should crack a joke.
  3. Killing the X-force, I get that Deadpool 2 is trying to make fun of all superhero movies in which they have to build a team in order to save the world *cough* Avengers, Justice League, My Little Pony . . . I haven’t seen My Little Pony but I bet they all have to be friendsies to kick out the super evil pony.
    1. HOWEVER, that was too brutal, somewhat out of taste and it is coming from me, lover of all gore! Specially anime, let the bodies hit the floor and another one bites the dust. Shatterstar aka Genji, kinda deserved for being an A-hole but still. . . Personally, I think it was too much, one after another and then Peter?!! but who knows. . . I might just be in period.
  4. Little Apocalypse, I mean Firefist, fat Amy wanna be, gordito who has a pen stuck in his butt half of the movie. . . literally.

    Fat Amy…The kiddo just needed to sing at this point.

    1. His character is weird and the acting is too, there is something off about him that I can’t pinpoint. He was trying too much to be gangster and fat Amy at the same time , it didn’t work for me. I wish the lesbians had more screen time than he did.

      ‘Fat Amy are you my mommy, why you left me? Is it because I can’t sing?’

  5. Domino, she is not great but she is not bad. . . She is just meh. Baby penis had as much impact in the movie as she did.

    She even looks like the dog from Spaceballs, Barf

  6. No Stan Lee
    2. A mural is not enough!!!!!!
    3. and… No Hello Kitty 🙁

I think I’m done complaining about the movie, let’s move to the good and bouncy fun and no, I don’t mean boobs. . . Can’t believe there weren’t any, what happened to Angel? Ohh well, I’m glad with the colossal metal butt though. . . Colossus is LOVE


  1.  Cable, he is by far the best co-protagonist, did I feel the chemistry between Deadpool and Cable? the bromance? Oh yes! I did! Was I fangirling? oh yes!!!!! Between Colossus and Cable, I’m not sure who wins Wade’s kokoro. . . let the yaoi began!
    1. Mr. Brolin did an incredible job as Cable and I couldn’t be happier, also Cable’s backstory to travel through time, it was absolutely touching :’3
  2. The writing is amazing! The storytelling is incredible. Indeed, fast pace BUT it increases the chances of people watching it again (I had to watch it again before doing this review)
    1. It does have a nice flow between arcs and it has motive and character development AND I don’t mean Wade’s legs. . . that was pretty disturbing but funny.
  3. Action, I mean John Wick director. . . Do I need to say more?
  4. Impeccable humor, one joke after another, very Deadpool like. In contrast to the first movie, I feel like on this one Mr. Reynolds really captures and reflects Deadpool more than in the first movie. It is visible that Wade is becoming more and more. . . insane.
    1. Kudos for the continuing gags from the first movie ‘cure for blindness’ ‘avocado fuck face’ ‘stab in the head sequence’ etc.
    2. Before I forget, the stabs on the head are radical to Deadpool because that is how he does become schizophrenic insane, I feel satisfied in the sense that this is going to back to the comics. I might be far fetch by saying this, but I do believe that Wade is going to start hearing the other voices soon. If I read too much into this, the ‘going back in time’ sequence might just be his own delusion for all we know. That’s too sad to think though :'(
  5. Easter Eggs, google them, it is worth your time. DO IT! before you watch it again.
  6. Cameos… If these are not included in Easter Eggs.
  7. No ponies!
  8. Peter, follow Papa Bear on Twitter 
  9. Music “Holy Shit balls” and . . .

Conclusion and rating!

Not excellent in quality as the first one but a good sequel!

Everyone who has seen it and talked to me about it has told me they like this one more than the first one. . .I on the other hand, have to disagree. I like fewer characters with bigger motives than a compilation of a lot of them and not enough screen time.

The biggest irony is that Deadpool 2 despise being a parody of superhero teams, it falls into the ‘everyone is awesome’ just because they are there. They exist and they stop evil. . .

I love how the theme of family wraps into this movie, don’t get me wrong but I hate how some characters are pushed aside for new ones that are insipid. Not giving a chance to develop the good current ones.

Sleepy Panda Rating: F for family 8/8

PandaPool Review: Colossus butt ;D

P.S. Takano san, don’t be jelly cuz I love Deadpool, both of you have a special place in my kokoro. Also, I can’t wait for a Spanish dub :3

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