You’ve Got A Friend In Me: State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 is a co-op zombie survival game for PC and Xbox One where you need to manage a growing colony and/or stab the heck out of some zombies with glowing red eyes.

You may be asking yourself, “how can I best help my friends when I join into their community?” Here’s my top tips based on upwards of two hours of gameplay!

Try to Join Their Game Mid-Way Through The Tutorial

Your friend might be just a bit faster at zombie murder and less interested in slowly opening every box up in the game. If so, helpfully ask them to invite you to the game right before you are going to finish the tutorial. You will then be greeted with a message that you cannot join their group unless you have a community of your own.

At this point, you can enjoy entering the fantastic world of the main menu and the opportunity to play through the whole tutorial again. This time, sprint past everything in the game so that when you finish the tutorial you enter your friends’ game with a broken baseball bat, no healing items, no materials and your whole inventory free to collect all the stuff they can’t carry since they have weighed themselves down in useful weapons and materials to ensure your collective survival.

Be Really Aggressive About Exploring In Weird Ass Places

While your friend might need help in gathering gasoline and materials to drive a vehicle, you wouldn’t want to take that way from them. That’s their accomplishment and you’re not going to violently explode that accomplishment later. For now, you’re going to push the boundaries of where the game engine wants you to be in relation to your friend.

The messages saying “please for the love of all of the non-zombies stay SOMEWHAT close to your friend before we force you to be closer” are subtle gameplay nudges to let you know that you are being helpful but, perhaps, a little TOO helpful. But, man, I now have a 25 pound pill press and we don’t find that unless I’m looking through mostly useless buildings.

Ain’t no zombies under here Corey!

Cover The Areas That Your Friend Can’t Go

At one point in the game, I managed to be literally neck deep in the landscape as Corey repeatedly ran over my head. By helpfully ramming my cranium into the undercarriage of the truck, I was able to inspect the bottom of the car for zombies.

There were no zombies.

Also, I fell through the entire world, plummeting slowly to a peaceful escape from that zombie infested hellhole.

There were no zombies in the under-void, giver of freedom, either.

Drive Real Good

Once your friend has acquired a vehicle, graciously accept their invitation to drive the vehicle. Remind them that you are terrible at reading maps, drive 15 feet into a 1 foot tall fence, disable the vehicle’s movement on said 1 foot fence burning through half of your gasoline attempting to escape.

This provides your friend with the opportunity to acquire a second car and use that one to get your car off of the fence.

Drive The Best, Like No One Ever Has

Your vehicle is now been aggressively freed. Attempt to park your car for safe keeping inside the parking garage of the survivors’ compound.

In the process of parking the car, violently explode their first accomplishment nearly killing yourself and burning down everything that has been collected so far.

Your friend can then test out their vehicle repair kit and, for some reason, not offer you the chance to finish parking the car.

You know what game, this IS me being helpful!

In Summary

While there’s more ways to be helpful to your friends in State of Decay 2 these are a few of the ways in which your inept play will allow them to explore the core game mechanics and offer them a richer gameplay experience.

Also, after a while, the game will remind you with a helpful message every 30 seconds that you’re there to help your friends do well.


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